It’s Time to Redefine PCOS

PCOS is a long term commitment, our interdisciplinary approach supports your personal journey in reclaiming your health.

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An Integrated Approach to Managing PCOS Helps:

Increase insulin effectiveness and prevent Type 2 diabetes
Maintain a healthy weight, and improve energy levels
Improve your self-image and emotional well-being
Make your periods more regular

Comprehensive and Personalized PCOS Care

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Compassionate and Holistic Programs
Our coordinated team of healthcare specialists treat the whole-body. We help you create and reinforce healthy habits that support your health and emotional well-being in the long run. Our physicians will periodically assess your lab work and modify your plan accordingly.
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A PCOS Clinic in Your Home
Meet your endocrinologist and health-coach online. Our interdisciplinary approach supports you with a mix of human interactions and digital tools from the comfort of your home. We also provide mediated support groups to learn from shared experiences.
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Demystify PCOS
There is endless unreliable information about PCOS out there. We are your go to source. We publish medically backed information in a format that is easily applicable to your daily life.

Your Comprehensive PCOS Toolkit

Direct Message our Healthcare Experts
Have your unique PCOS question answered anytime.
Individualize Your Treatment Plan
We hear you as a patient and as an individual. We tailor plans to your lifestyle and goals.
We Remove the Burden of Managing PCOS
We created a single space to track progress, deliver care, and provide insights specific to your body.
Feel Empowered to take on PCOS
Participate in interactive lessons, seminars, and support groups led by world class PCOS experts.
Personalized Plans & Pricing
Affordable costs that you know upfront.

Take Control of PCOS before it Takes Control of Your Health

Women with PCOS have greater chances of developing several serious health conditions, including life-threatening diseases. Recent studies found that:

will develop type 2 diabetes by age 40
increased risk of developing endometrial cancer
increased risk of heart attack
more likely to attempt suicide

Losing as little as 5% - 10% excess weight can help women ovulate more regularly and reduce other PCOS symptoms as well as prevent future complications. We know this sounds daunting, but that is why we developed a system to support you through the process of healing mind and body.

About Us

Adriana struggled years after her PCOS diagnoses to find the right information and treatment. During her MBA at Wharton she realized how many women shared similar experiences, and were being denied proper PCOS healthcare. TealMD was born in Philadelphia promising to deliver compassionate and holistic care for women with PCOS.

Brian is a Silicon Valley engineering leader specializing in the highly regulated medical and legal industries. His desire to undertake fulfilling projects that help others achieve a better life has led him to travel around the world and create custom solutions for Syrian refugee programs, legal representation services, and medical systems management.